Aviation News - November 2018

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Dragon Master – U-2 Squadron Commander
Lt Col Rick Bishop (ret’d) recounts his odyssey within the top-secret world of the U-2.

Jota Aviation – Growing a ‘Go-to’ Airline
Jota Aviation is busy building its reputation as a ‘go-to’ airline in the industry, as Bernie Baldwin discovers.

Up Close and Personal With FIFI
James Careless caught up with the Commemorative Air Force’s B-29A FIFI during her annual fund-raising tour of North America.

In It for the Long Haul
Nigel Price summarises the Airbus A350’s history, and looks at what the future might hold for the airliner.

Shorts Belfast – Taking the Load
Stephen Skinner details the military career of the Shorts Belfast and its use by civil cargo operators.

Hot Wings
Jay Selman reports on the high-octane thrills at the Reno Air Races.

The Art of Travel
A selection of bygone posters from a new book devoted to British Airways and its predecessors.

Luftwaffe’s Heli Heavy-lifters
Germany’s CH-53s have excelled in testing tasks. Dr Kevin Wright visits the base at Laupheim to hear about the type’s various missions.

Boeing 727 – ‘Bus Stop’ Jet
Charles Kennedy reviews the Boeing 727’s development and operational service.

Southern Warriors
Doug Gordon profiles the A-7P Corsair II’s career with the Portuguese Air Force.



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