Aviation News - April 2018

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Liverpool Airport: On the Up
Liverpool Airport is working ‘Eight Days a Week’ to boost passenger numbers, as Martyn Cartledge discovered.

German Fulcrums: Flying for Both Sides – Part 2
Doug Gordon assesses how the West used the Russian fighter for training.

Aerospace Bristol: Honouring Innovation
Bristol is a name synonymous with a large part of Britain’s aviation history and now the story is being told on one site, as Adrian M Balch outlines.

Career of a King Cobra
Air Cdre John Mitchell (ret’d) flew more than 1,400 hours on Lightnings. He talks with Dr Kevin Wright about his experiences on this remarkable aircraft.

30 Years of Lightning Thunder
Enthusiasts delight in seeing two of the Lightning Preservation Group’s jets thundering down the Bruntingthorpe runway. Hugh Trevor details the work of the organisation that pays tribute to this charismatic fighter.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Aviation News charts the units that operated the amazing English Electric Lightning fighter in RAF service.

Gulf Air: Bouncing Back
Gulf Air is no longer the biggest carrier in the Middle East, but can proudly claim to be one of the oldest in the region. Jozef Mols investigates the airline’s evolution.

USAF E-3 Sentry: Eye in the Sky
Tom Kaminski profiles the heart of the USAF’s airpower – Boeing’s E-3 Sentry.

Grumman’s Limousine of the Air
The Gulfstream I pioneered corporate flying as it is known today. Charles Woodley details its development and career.



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