Aviation News - March 2018

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German Fulcrums: Flying for Both Sides – Part 1
Doug Gordon looks back at Germany’s MiG-29s.

A Dream European Short-haul Flight
Spencer Bennett samples flying on a LATAM Airlines Boeing 787 from Madrid to Frankfurt.

Hornets Meet Swiss Challenge
Peter Lewis details the history and operations of the Swiss Air Force’s Hornet fleet.

Dan-Air HS 748s in Service
Bob O’Brien reviews the career of the HS 748 with a well-known British airline.

Qantas ‘Connies’: Traversing the Globe
Chris Frame considers how the Lockheed Constellation transformed Qantas operations.

United’s DC-6 Mainliners
Barry Lloyd describes the Douglas DC-6 operations of United Airlines.

Remarkable Life of a Dakota
Douglas C-47A ZS-NTE’s career is described by Brendan Odell, with Michael Prophet detailing how it was brought to Europe from Africa. Flippie Vermeulen also explains his involvement with the aircraft.

TALES FROM THE LOGBOOK - Uncovering the USA: Part 2
Peter Foster concludes his 1974 US trip.

Brussels Airport Hits New Highs
Matt Falcus assesses developments at Brussels Airport.

Prelude to Greatness: Early Days of the Mosquito
The early World War Two operations with the multi-mission Mosquito are described by Tom Spencer.



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