Aviation News - December 2017

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Aer Lingus: Reaching New Heights
Bernie Baldwin details the latest developments at Aer Lingus.

Versatile Caribou
Stephen Skinner looks at the career of the Caribou.

Bf 109s in British Skies
Chris Goss discusses the different variants of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 that appeared over Britain.

The Birth of Stealth – Lockheed and the CIA
Paul Crickmore explains early US efforts to hide aircraft from radar.

Flying the F-117A Part 1: Going to War
Major General Greg Feest (Ret) describes joining the secret F-117A programme and the mission on which he dropped the first bomb of the Gulf War.

What Makes the B-2 Stealthy
James C Goodall provides insight into the stealthy design of the B-2A Spirit.

Return of the Raptors
Darren Willmin of Aviation in Action reports on the recent F-22A deployment to Europe.

Queenstown – Gateway to South New Zealand
Alan Howell profiles Queenstown Airport.

Royal Brunei Airlines: Small Airline, Big Ambitions
Jozef Mols examines Royal Brunei Airlines.

Dutch Freedom Fighters: Low-level Strikers
Ferry van der Geest tells Tom Docherty what it was like to fly the NF-5 in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.



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