Aviation News - July 2017

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Dan-Air’s Comets: Second-hand Stalwarts
Second-hand Comets found a willing buyer in London-based Dan-Air, as Robin Cordery reveals.

Fulcrum Rejuvenated
Alexander Mladenov and Krassimir Grozev consider the latest incarnation of the Fulcrum, which is marketed as the MiG-35.

USAF Heritage Flights: Honouring the Past
Tom Kaminski reports on the USAF Heritage Flight Programme.

Sabres in Korea
The F-86 Sabre proved to be an excellent dog fighter and was put to the test fighting MiGs in the Korean War.

Flying the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam
Colonel Richard H Graham (ret’d) is best known as an SR-71 Blackbird pilot – but he earlier flew 210 combat missions in the F-4 during the Vietnam War.

USAF F-35A Force Review
Tom Kaminski examines the growth and development of the USAF’s Lightning II fleet.

B-52 Through the Decades
Boeing’s B-52 Stratofortress has played a significant part in the history of the USAF. The eight-engined bomber has evolved over the decades and, as Dr Kevin Wright explains, is still a versatile and potent combat aircraft.

CityJet: Master of Diversification
CityJet has undergone rapid expansion in the last few years. Bernie Baldwin was keen to learn the secrets of its success.

Blackburn Beverley: A Star Out East
The Blackburn Beverley came into its own thousands of miles from home, as two men who operated the aircraft tell Dr Kevin Wright.



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