Aviation News - April 2017

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737 To The MAX
Bruce Hales-Dutton examines the Boeing 737 MAX family of airliners.

The RAF’s Poseidon Adventure
In an exclusive interview, Air Commodore Ian Gale, head of the RAF’s P-8A Poseidon programme, told Aviation News Editor Dino Carrara about the service’s plans for its new maritime patrol aircraft.

Southwest Airlines and the 737: An Ongoing Romance
Charles Kennedy details the low-cost carrier’s love affair with the Boeing twin-jet airliner.

Britannia Airways’ Baby Boeings
Bob O’Brien explains how Britannia Airways’ fleet of ‘baby Boeings’ helped grow this UK holiday airline.


The Brooklands Concorde: Keeping the Concorde Dream Alive
Bruce Hales-Dutton details the activities and events that Brooklands Museum hosts in relation to its Concorde.

Swedish Sensation
David Willis chronicles the Gripen’s development, and outlines current and potential customers.

F28 Fellowship: Fokker’s First Jetliner
The F28 Fellowship was envisaged as a jet successor to Fokker’s highly successful turboprop F27 Friendship. Charles Woodley traces the type’s history.

Douglas C-133: Master of Cargo
Bob Archer describes an aircraft that played an important role supporting American military missions.

Jack of all Trades: Messerschmitt’s Bf 110
Chris Goss traces the career of the Luftwaffe’s Messerschmitt Bf 110.



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