Aviation News - April 2014

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Biman’s DC-10 Farewell Flights
Charles Kennedy flew from Dhaka on the last passenger DC-10 and experienced some of the memorable flights own from Birmingham to mark its retirement.

1(Fighter) Squadron’s New Era
Dino Carrara visited RAF Leuchars to hear how the RAF’s most recent frontline squadron to be equipped with the Typhoon has achieved a lot in a short space of time.

Sparkling Performer – Lockheed’s Electra
Gerry Sweet outlines the history of the Electra.

Air Events 2014 Preview
Paul Fiddian looks ahead to the 2014 airshow season.

Aviation Events Calendar
A listing of airshows and aviation events in 2014.

UTair Helicopters: Russia’s Heavy Lifters
Craig West travelled to Siberia to find out how UTair runs one of the world’s largest helicopter fleets.

Military Constellations Part1 United States Air Force
In the first of two articles on military Constellations, Bob Archer tells the story of the classic Lockheed piston transport in US Air Force service.

The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver was a controversial replacement for the Douglas Dauntless dive bomber. But as Robert F Dorr reveals, many of its crews appreciated its redeeming features.

West Atlantic: Anglo-Swedish Cargo Specialist
Through an unusual but extremely successful combination of British and Swedish airlines, West Atlantic enjoys a thriving mail and freight operation founded on the BAe ATP. Bruce Hales-Dutton explains.


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