Aviation News - January 2014

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This 84-page issue of ‘Aviation News incorporating Classic Aircraft’ magazine has articles on:

RAF Rivet Joint Arrives: New Era for the RAF’s Most Secret Squadron
Jon Lake tells the inside story of the RAF’s RC-135 Rivet Joints which have been procured as a replacement for the Nimrod R.1 signals intelligence aircraft.

The Mighty BUFF: Boeing’s Adaptable B-52 Today
Perhaps the most versatile combat aircraft in the USAF inventory, the veteran B-52H is still firmly on the front line thanks to a series of upgrades, as Tom Kaminski explains.

The Last Passenger DC-10s: Biman Bangladesh’s Trijets
Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the last airline in the world to use the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 for passenger flights.  As the flag carrier prepares to retire the famous airliner, Charles Kennedy reviews its career with the Asian operator.

Avro York: The Stop-gap Success
The Avro 685 York was only ever intended as a stop-gap, but it provided airlines and air arms with useful service for 20 years.  Charles Woodley examines its honourable career.

Bulgaria’s Cold War Nuclear Strike Force
Evgeni Andonov and Alexander Mladenov reveal the story of the Bulgarian air arm’s secret nuclear strike training and strategy during the Cold War.

Gateway to Hollywood – Los Angeles International
Modernisation and redevelopment are improving the passenger experience at LAX – while the famous airport has much to offer the enthusiast, as Barry Ambrose explains.

Dornier 17: The Flying Pencil
The remarkable recovery of a Battle of Britain Dornier Do 17 from the English Channel has revived interest in the Luftwaffe aircraft nicknamed ‘the Flying Pencil’.  Chris Goss details its development and variants. 

Volcanic Ash Threat
Neil Gratton examines the threat to aircraft of volcanic ash and the efforts being made to reduce the disruption to air travel.



Headlines – includes news of the launch of the Boeing 777X, the huge airliner orders at the Dubai Airshow, the SNP’s plans for a Scottish Air Force and the latest developments on the Typhoon.

Military News – includes details of the last QF-4 Phantom to be delivered to the USAF, the Italian Air Force’s decision to have MC-27J gunships and the first flight of the Hammerhead UAV.

Civil News – includes a photo of the first Boeing 777F for Lufthansa Cargo, news of a new airport for Moscow and an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER with impressive dragon artwork down the fuselage to promote the movie: ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’, plus new airline routes and orders and much more.

Preservation News – this section features the latest news on the heritage aircraft scene from around the world, be it return to flight projects or new additions to museums.  This month’s items include the latest on Vulcan XH558 and a CV-22A Osprey being retired to a museum.

Models Round-up

Room with a View – this month we feature a hotel at Toronto’s Lester B Pearson International Airport which has excellent photographic opportunities.

Airshow News and Calendar

Models Roundup – reviews of new diecast models on the market.

Aviation Archaeology – any news on historic aircraft being unearthed or found after many years will be covered in this section. 

Flight Bag – reviews of products of interest to the enthusiast.

Air Mail – readers’ letters

Register Review

Air Base Movements

Airport Movements