Aviation News - September 2012

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Guide To The Axalp Air Power Demonstration
Philip Stevens has been to Axalp numerous times and gives advice for those thinking of attending this unique event.

Spitfires with Stars
Jonathan Garraway and Andrew Thomas assess the often overlooked use of the Spitƒfire by the US military during World War Two.

Flying the KC 135Q – Global Reach for the SR-71: Part 2
Pilot Lt Col Erik C Swanson (ret.) continues his description of serving on the KC-135Q force supporting the SR-71A Blackbird.

Channel Islands’ Trislanders
Geoff Jones examines the Britten-Norman Trislander, and in particular its enduring service in the Channel Islands.

RIAT Rocks!
Dino Carrara reports from this year’s RIAT.

JU-Air - Ju 52s in the Alps
Luigi Vallero describes the operations of JU-Air.

Tales from the Logbook: Fun in Florida Part 3
Gerry Manning concludes his description of a memorable trip in 1981.

Olympic Visitors
A selection of the many interesting aircraft that visited the airports around London for
the Olympics.

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