Aviation News - May 2012

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Monarch’s Enthusiast Flight
Martyn Cartledge reports on the latest Enthusiast Day organised by Monarch Airlines.

Ilyushin Il-18 to Somaliland
Charles Kennedy recounts the experience of fl ying on an Ilyushin Il-18 in Africa.

Embraer’s Fabulous Phenoms
Rod Simpson examines Embraer’s Phenoms and the manufacturer’s market position as a serious bizjet contender.

Tales from the Logbook… Latin American Odyssey Part 4
Roger Botting presents the last part of the recent trip to Latin America organised by Aeroprints.

The History of RAF Lakenheath
Established as an RAF airfi eld in 1941, Lakenheath has been an American facility since 1948. The base has seen its fair share of combat operations, as Jim Winchester describes.

Falklands Air Battles Part 2: The Battle in ‘Bomb Alley’
Former F-15 pilot Colonel Doug Dildy (USAF Ret), with the assistance of Hernan Casciani and Pablo Calcaterra, analyse the attacks on ships by Argentinian fast-jets trying to stop the UK landing troops on the Falklands.


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