Aviation News - December 2010

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Mojave Spaceport Dedicated
Richard Branson's dream of sending tourists into space came a step nearer during October with the dedication of a launch and landing facility in the Mojave Desert.

Optimism at the NBAA
Rod Simpson visited the National Business Aviation Association's annual jamboree in Atlanta, GA, and found an air of optimism with some exciting new designs.

Dismantling the Arsenal of Democracy
Boeing is pulling down a historic facility where small towns and villages were created on top of factories, to fool Japanese bombers during World War Two.

Hemispheric Strike- Manned or Unmanned?
The Editor returns from the US Air Force Association Air & Space Conference to report on progress with defining the many requirements for the new US strike system.

McDonnellDouglas MD-90
Continuing the story of the DC-9 line, we look at the great white hopeful that never made the production quotas expected but put the aircraft into the modern era of engines and electronic flight decks.

Sally B's own Story
An undeniable fan of the Sally, Mick Britton reflects on the background to this remarkable survivor, film star and air show crowd-pleaser with a more sure future than ever.

Christmas Goodies for the Aviation Enthusiast
With the festive season looming and nights getting longer, its time to dig out the stocking, send in a list or get the credit card ready for a feast of gifts for the air-minded.

Cobham Aviation Services
New ways of supporting service training and air support operations have created a success story out of a partnership, between government and a private company proudly bearing the name of a true pioneer.

Pedestal Posers
It's a common thing in America. Putting aircraft on poles. Andrew Breeden took his camera along and snapped up some history on a stick as he toured the US (we trust not solely for that purpose!).

Folland's Gnat Fighter
Peter London concludes his two-part feature detailing the story of the Folland Midge and Gnat with a summary of the type's service history and export success.

RAF Mildenhall - Six Decades of US Activity
Gateway to Europe, as it was known by US servicemen over the many decades, where a sprawling air base in Suffolk surrendered its former role as an RAF bomber base to US transport aircraft.

Brietling Super Connie Fights Back
An opportunity offered to members of the Super Constellation Flying Association gave Luigi Vallero a chance to sample the old `chugger' through the colourful slopes of Switzerland.