Aviation News - November 2010

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The Battle of Britain
Duxford's display salute to The Few in this, the 70th
anniversary of the year Britain stood alone against
mighty forces and prevailed.

EAS at Mollis - a Swiss delight
A special gathering for homebuilds and small
experimental aircraft in the stunning countryside of
the Swiss Alps as the Experimental Aviation group
conducts a fl y-in.

Stand down of LXX Squadron -
The Airlift Pioneers
Mick Britton reviews the impressive, if unsung, record
of No 70 Sqn as it laid up its colours at RAF
Lyneham on September 8.

Aviation Art - Apparently!
Peter Foster takes a look at the
curious use of decommissioned
aircraft now showing at London's
Tate Gallery, reinforcing the
notion that it's all in the eye of the

AirBase is a
Summer Success
Rod Simpson brings us up to date
on what is happening with the Atlantic
Group at Coventry and their new
AirBase, finding it a fantastic place to catch up on
some treasured favourites.

McDonnell Douglas MD-80
In the 22nd of our series on Classic Airliners, we
continue forward from an earlier look at the DC-9 by
reviewing its successful descendent.

Rallying Around Guernsey
Bringing the island's Aviation Week to a finale, the
Guernsey Aero Club's 39th international air rally was
the basis from which much enjoyment was had by
all, including those at the Club Ball!

Flying Scholarships for the Young
Education is a key aspect of recruiting young people
into aviation and this month we visit the Cotswold
Airport scholarship programme, also looking at what
Buckinghamshire New University is doing to help get
the young air-minded.

Out and About
Southend airport hosted a flurry of newsworthy events
from record breaking flights to new Spitfire colours and
a flying replica Fokker monoplane.

Mixed Fortunes at Tannheim
Weather hit the 2010 Tannkosh event but failed to
dampen interest although mixed messages leaked out
from soggy displays as 660 aircraft went on show.

Jersey Ruschmeyer Gathering
Geoff Jones flew in to Jersey early in September to
attend the Ruschmeyer fl y-in, a very elite gathering from
all across the European continent.

This month Aviation News launches a reflective look at
events on the world air scene 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

Who Won the Battle of Britain?
In the third and final part asking a seemingly obvious
question, The Editor reviews the scientific priorities that
from 1935 helped shape our defences in 1940.

NAAFI Set to Celebrate 90 Years of Service
Many readers will have first-hand accounts of lining up
for a `cuppa', but few recognise the long service award
due to the NAAFI - always there in war and peace.

Going Vertical - the American Way
Concluding our brief review of the Harrier in this its 50th
anniversary year of life in the hover, a look at what the
Americans did to it `over there'.

Light Bite - Folland's Gnat Fighter
Peter London launches our new series of Military
Classics, with the first in a two-part survey of the
diminutive British aircraft that went on to be the choice
of the Red Arrows.

Reno Racing 2010
Jim Dunn went to the National Championship Air Races
to soak up the action and found that there too the
weather had an impact and cancelled the Gold races
in both classes.

Inflight refuelling - an American Approach
Tony Buttler emerges, only briefly, from the US National
Archives and comes up with a novel way, proposed in
the late 1940s, of transferring fuel in flight.