Aviation News - October 2010

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More than just hot air!
Not everything that goes up has wings or a rotor,
as several hundred balloon enthusiasts gathered
at Bristol to celebrate their historic art displayed.

Wings & Wheels at Elvington
Yorkshire Air Museum held its annual celebration
of most things that move on land and in the air
and Mick Britton went along to sample the show.

American Air Day a Blast!
In what is rapidly becoming the only place to
get up close to US military aircraft in the UK,
Duxford hosted its fourth annual gathering of
men and machines from RAF Mildenhall and
RAF Lakenheath.

Who won the Battle of Britain?
Second in a continuing series looking at the
people and the preparations for war that gave
The Few the tools to do the job in the skies
over Britain in 1940.

Battle of Britain goodies
Manufacturers and High St stores are awash
with items to mark the 70th anniversary of the
events of 1940 and we sample just a few out
their on the shelves.

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
Continuing our Classic Airliners series, the fi rst
and last Lockheed jet airliner was advanced
in many ways. We look at why it was unable to
achieve the orders it deserved.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the fi rst
hover with Hawker's P.1127, the fi rst in a
two-part series looks at the historic decisions
that led to that day in 1960.

Geoff Jones went Stateside to sample the
mood at the world's largest gathering of
aircraft and found a surprising number of
electric-powered examples.

Ex aerospace engineer Neville Beckett casts
a knowledgeable eye over the UK's fi rst
stealthy UCAS and examines its potential for
future service.

Kamov and INAER - _ re_ ghting in Spain
Peter Foster reviews the increasing success of
the civilianised Kamov Ka-27 and sees how the
Ka-32 is helping fi ght fi re in vulnerable areas.

Northern Ireland's Aviation Heritage
One of the Six Counties' best kept secrets,
a museum acknowledging the contribution
to aviation made by Northern Ireland's
intrepid entrepreneurs.

RNAS Newlyn
For several years during the First World War
a bunch of naval aviators held watch from
Land's End on merchant shipping threatened
by U-boats. We remember the fl ying boats
that fl ew from there.

Martin 235
Historian and prolifi c author Tony Buttler digs
deep into the fi les of the Martin Company and
reveals a hidden secret - this builder of big
aircraft also designed a Mach 2 fi ghter.

Oslo Gardermoen
Geoff Jones put his hiking boots on and
tramped across to Norway to visit a historic
airport and sample its present condition to
look at future prospects.

Wizz Air
Claimed to be the fastest growing `Ryanair of
Eastern Europe', Wizz Air is a success story
that looks set to keep on growing, through
low prices and smiling service.