Aviation News - September 2010

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With the industry stable after two years of
uncertainty, there was much to see at this year's
show. Among the market for new and innovative
exhibits, we found mixed opinions on the next
two years.

Warbirds gather at Duxford
Brian Maidment visited the Flying Legends
show at Duxford to see the mix of the expected
and the unusual where he dicovered a feisty little
Russian and US recruits.

Ilyushin Il-62
Hailed as a VC-10 Cold War copycat, the reality
was that the Il-62 pioneered some innovative
design features used in later versions of the
VC-10. We review its history.

Biggin salutes The Few
With its usual cocktail of turners and burners,
this year Biggin put on a show to remember, in
weather that attracted good attendance and a
spirited air display.

Stelio Frati - A creator of
beautiful aeroplanes
Rod Simpson refl ects on the life of the brilliant
Italian light aircraft designer, the recently
deceased, Stelio Frato whose aesthetic
designs will continue to be applauded.

The Gannet - Cold War sub Hunter
In the concluding feature to a survey of the
Fairey Gannet we follow the type as it enters
service with the Navy and switches roles to
a function not envisaged at its birth.

Belting's War and Peace Show
Barry Wheeler turns his camera lens on some
prize displays at Kent's largest gathering of
military vehicles, with more than a little hint
of aviation memories.

Another Air Tattoo Success
Training and the 70th anniversary of the
Battle of Britain were the themes at this
year's RIAT where the Vulcan, the A400M
and the aerobatic teams stole the weekend.

Who Won the Battle of Britain?
Rejecting the myth that Britain was
unprepared for war when it began in 1939,
we examine the steps taken in 1935 to
expand the RAF.

70 Years of HMS Heron
RAF Yeovilton had its own 70th anniversary
celebration on July 10 and displayed a range
of naval aircraft both old and new, including
the AW159 Lynx Wildcat.

The 16th International Waddington
Air Show
Neville Beckett visited the Lincolnshire
base of the Nimrod and reports on visitors
and performers both in the air and on the

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum
An EXCLUSIVE look at this desert oasis
for enthusiasts, with a wide range of
exhibits recording 90 years of Saudi
aviation history.

Kjellar Flydagen 2010
Geoff Jones visited this year's warbird
gathering east at Oslo where more than
90 aircraft gathered for a popular display
ranging from Tiger Moths to an F-16.

Westland Jets
In the concluding part to his survey of
Westland's paper projects, Tony Buttler
examines two rejected designs that
could have revolutionized British
naval aviation.