Aviation News - August 2010

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Mach 5!
On the way to producing a reliable hypersonic airbreathing propulsion system, the Waverider has set a new world speed record, opening the way to full scale development.

John Crampton remembered
A veteran of Cold War capers, the RAF's John Crampton had many memories of the time he joined a US unit to fl y highly classifi ed reconnaissance missions behind the Iron Curtain.

B-1 Lancer - 25 years of unstinting service
The Bone has been on frontline duty for 25 years and we recap its tortured genesis and complex development.

Farnborough Preview
in Hampshire.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10
Playing catch-up or chase to existing

RAF Leeming
It is always special when the RAF remembers its past and this month we sent Mick Britton to help Leeming celebrate its 70th birthday and tell of at least one outstanding act of heroism.

AeroExpo Europe
Rod Simpson took a trip to Pribram airfi eld south of Prague to see what was going on at the annual light and sport aviation meet.

Southend Show
Helping us celebrate the 25th annual Southend seafront air show, Simon Murdoch took his camera along to capture just a little of the colour and dazzle that fl ew the Essex skies at the end of May.

AeroArt Exhibition
The Guild of Aviation Artists is holding its annual display of members' paintings at the Mall Galleries, London, this month and we take a peek at just some of the 425 new entries on public show.

Westland Jets
We asked Tony Britton to dig deep into his voluminous archives and tell us what Westland was doing in the early days of jet fi ghter design,fi nding a fascinating range of projects.

Air Time - the Pilot's Choice
Watches are more than just timepieces and in a fascinating survey of what is around for the serious aviator as well as the enthusiast, we turn the dial on a range of exciting products.

ILA - Distinctly German
Although it presented the fi rst public display of the Airbus A400M, this year's ILA brought many other interesting aircraft to Berlin, as Barry Wheeler reveals.

Cold War Sub-Hunter
Nearly 60 years after it was ordered into quantity production for the Fleet Air Arm, we begin a short series looking at the Fairey Gannet. Ugly? Perhaps. Highly functional? Absolutely!

In Cotswold Skies
Held each year at the former RAF base, Kemble air days have become a regular feature of the Cotswold countryside. Brian Maidment spent a pleasant June weekend absorbing the culture.

A big story about a little airline that could - and did! How an entrepreneur putting people first made a business out of a much needed service.