Aviation News - July 2010

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From Surveillance to Strike
The unmanned aerial vehicle is coming of age
and Boeing has just unveiled its latest, the
Phantom Ray, capable of just about anything
you ask of it.

Weather No Deterrent
The Kemble air show kicked off a new season in
typically British style - with pouring rain and high
winds - but did that stop the pilots fl ying in?

A View from The Hill
President Obama is facing a robust attack
on his radical plans for NASA while at the
Pentagon Robert Gates smacks wrists on cost

Tupolev Tu-104
Figment of Soviet propaganda or a clever
use of an existing design, the fi rst Russian jet
airliner was the fourth such project to get off the
drawing board.

Tigers roar over Gatwick
A volcanic ash cloud opened prohibited
airspace across southern England and some
Tiger Moth enthusiasts took advantage plus a
Luftwaffe veteran visits the UK.

Sun `n Fun
Geoff Jones visited the annual jamboree in Florida
to collect the news and see what was there,
fi nding some historic gems along the way.

A Warbird to North Weald
A Hispano Buchon from the fi lm Battle of Britain
has got a makeover for its displays this year
and Phil Walley checks out its fascinating past.
Plus, new colours for the Breitling display team.

Frisian Flag
A Dutch exercise involving several international
participants was the latest victim of the Iceland
volcano but Joris van Boven was there to catch
all the action.

Battle of Britain
On the 70th anniversary of the epic struggle
for Britain's survival, we refl ect on some of the
underlying reasons for its success and review an
outstanding book that has stood the test of time.

InterSky - Strictly a Family Affair
Luigi Vallero took time out from a recent trip to
Friedrichshafen to visit what has become the
national airline for Austria and discovers the
reason for its success.

New Spaceplane Launched
The US Air Force has resurrected an old NASA
concept and tweaked it into an autonomous
space-based platform for all manner of tasks -
and it's still in orbit.

Lisbon Portela
Luigi Vallero takes a look at Europe's most westerly
airport and explains how it was once part of
a plan to bring passengers from the US to the
heart of the old continent.

The Weapon System Concept
In the second of his two-part report on the origin
of integrated combat aircraft design, Tony Buttler
concludes by reviewing how it came to the UK.

Aviation Treasures in Greece
Ian Harding gathers up some relics from the
past and fi nds a rich history of former Greek
military aircraft, all available on loan!