Aviation News - June 2010

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Fire by night!
With the Space Shuttle programme coming to an end, visitors to the Kennedy Space Centre had a chance on April 5 to view the last night launch of this reusable winged vehicle.

Lockheed 188 Electra
Not a great success as a regional turboprop airliner, our seventeenth Classic Airliner achieves distinction through its later application as a maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

Tribute to an Ace test pilot
X-15 rocket test pilot Robert M White is remembered in our obituary to the first man to exceed Mach 4, 5 and 6 and conduct record-breaking high altitude flights.

Watchkeeper on the Wing
Britain's latest UAV has taken to the air and at the start of a trial season that could bring new and advanced capabilities to the ISTAR mission.

A view from The Hill
This month's news from Washington DC reports on next-generation ATC systems, greener technologies, a ruling on unfair trans-Atlantic competition and government vetoes.

US Naval Air Museum
A close-up look at one of the most outstanding aviation museums in the US, a landmark celebration to a century of naval history.

Attack in the West
We remember the contribution made by the RAF to supporting the defence of France against Nazi aggression 70 years ago this month with a selection of photographs from a very special book.

The Joint Strike Fighter
A critical look at a crucial stage in the development of what could become, in terms of money, the biggest defence procurement programme in aviation history, asking whether it is likely to succeed.

Aero 2010
Barry Wheeler reports from the lighter side of aviation as he visits the shores of Lake Constance to view the latest offerings from a market confidant that better times are just around the corner.

The Weapon System Concept
Tony Buttler begins a two-part feature on the Weapon System approach to aircraft design by looking at its beginnings in the US during the 1950s.

On the shores of Lake Constance
Luigi Vallero reports from Friedrichshafen airport on its development and success, previewing plans for further growth in this delightful part of Germany.