Aviation News - December 2009

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World News
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and leases
Airliner deliveries
Your Questions Answered
NATO Notes by Peter Foster
US Military by Bob Archer
ATC News by David Smith
Airlines of the USA: PT 29-by Maurice Wickstead
Simulation games
Kits and Collectables
Archaeology by David Smith
Kits and Collectables
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson

Tiger meet
Kleine Brogel air base served as the venue for this year's gathering, the first air-land simulation and the biggest NATO exercise this year.

Eleventh in the series Classic Airliners of the post-war period, this month we examine one of the UK's best performers in the regional marketplace.

Russia's Top Guns
Bob Archer reports from Lipetsk, one of the oldest of Russia's air training grounds, the location for neophyte German pilots in the 1920s and now a post-Soviet air base.

Birthday for a Dragon
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of a fine old aircraft, one in which several hundred people each year take delight flying in surviving examples of the Dragon Rapide.

Frankly Farley
Another episode from the one-man think-tank whose views are refreshingly provocative, none-PC and always thought provoking!

American Air Museum - Duxford
Our series Great British Air Museums continues with a visit to the only memorial in the UK to the many Americans who lost their lives flying from these islands in the Second World War.

Atlantic Air Cargo
Keith Burton and Rob Costrillo relate the story of two very special DC-3s flying out of Opa Locka in Florida.

Tiger Meet redux!
Another glimpse at some of the stunning colour schemes prepared for this year's event at Kleine Brogel in Belgium.

Fairey Rotodyne - death of a dream
In the concluding part to the story of Fairey's revolutionary compound helicopter, we look at the reasons why this aircraft never changed the course of city-to-city aviation, as it had been intended to do.

The comet - a celebration
With the help of period photographs, supplied by Mike Hooks, we close this special year celebrating the Comet airliner by looking at some off-beat test aircraft.

The Ultimate Spitfires
In this month's Kits and Collectables, we focus on some very special models in 1/48th scale range from Hobby Master - master modellers indeed!

Flying Feast at Ferrara
Geoff Jones looks in at Italy's premier homebuilders fly-in with a review of products, people and some of the more historic items in attendance.

Helitech 2009
Barry Wheeler reports from Duxford on developments in the world of rotary wing aircraft and puts his critical ear to the latest news.

Salon Blois 2009
Blois Le Breuil, France, hosted this year's ULM meet and Brian Nicholls takes a look at a couple of the more interesting visitors.