Aviation News - November 2009

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World News
ATC news by David Smith
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and leases
Airliner deliveries
NATO Notes by Peter Foster
US Military by Bob Archer
Your Questions Answered
Your Questions Answered
Airlines of the USA: PT 27-by Maurice Wickstead
Kits and Collectables
DVDs and Simulation games
Archaeology by David Smith
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid

The Citizen's Spaceport USA
A year on from our previous report into Virgin Galactic's space tourism venture, New Mexico is sprouting a spaceport for the common man - and woman!

The Defence System Equipment International exhibition opens its doors to Barry Wheeler. His probing report reflects changing times.

DH.121 Trident
A great little airliner that could have taken the world by storm had preoccupation with the home market not got in the way, re-examined in the 12th in our series of Classic Airliners.

Unmanned Air Vehicles
Neville Beckett uses the recent Waddington air show to catch up on a burgeoning inventory of UAVs and reviews the different types appearing in an expanding marketplace.

Frankly Farley
The former test pilot once again gives us the benefit of his experience and discloses why, for him, the Harrier was, and is, so very special.

Our intrepid reporting team visits North Weald, the Silverstone championships and the LAA Devon Strut to bring back memories of a declining air events season.

Taiwan mulls F16 options
Peter Foster reports on the choices facing Taiwan as it attempts to balance defence needs against a US supplier nervous about upsetting mainland China.

On the Eve of a new era.
Way out west, preparations are under way for winged flight to the edge of space, as a new generation of aircraft promises to offer the ride of a lifetime.

Ukraine's Independence Day flypast
Bob Archer goes to the Ukraine to visit its Independence Day air event and to sample the airborne delights with flying leftovers from the soviet era.

Fly Concorde Competition
As Brooklands Museum opens the Concorde simulator experience, we offer one reader the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of all Concorde pilots.

Imperial War Museum - Duxford
Second in our Great British Museums series, Duxford and its AirSpace hanger in the spotlight.

A McDonnell Birthday
Remembering one of the greatest US aircraft manufacturers of all time, as Boeing hosts the 70th anniversary of McDonnell Aircraft.

Cameras in Focus
Dick Clarke reviews the Pentax K20D and sets his sights on the challenges posed bt taking useful pictures of fast-moving objects.

Fairey Rotodyne
First of a two-part feature, recalling the days when a brave idea gave the compound helicopter promise as the world's future city-hopper.

Toulouse Airport
Geoff Jones takes to Toulouse to find out how well the airport is faring under economic pressures and just where its main business stems from.