Aviation News - October 2009

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World News
ATC news by David Smith
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and leases
Airliner deliveries
NATO Notes by Peter Foster
US Military by Bob Archer
Your Questions Answered
Airlines of the USA: PT 27-by Maurice Wickstead
Kits and Collectables
DVDs and Simulation games
Archaeology by David Smith
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid

Robo-Warriors 2020
The future is here as the US Navy plans unmanned combat air systems from flat-tops around the world.

Douglas DC-7
Ninth in our continuing series, Classic Airliners this month looks at the Douglas DC-7 and its niche in aviation history.

Duxford's American Air Day
A nostalgic day of past, present and future, as the US 3rd Air Force hosts friends and families at Britain's premier warbirds flying field.

Growing crisis over helicopter shortages
The government comes clean on helicopter deficiencies - but is it enough?

The Portuguese rotary club
Ian Harding looks at Portuguese helicopter operations and obtains a nostalgic look at some ageing types.

Cameras in Focus
Information is power, but only so long as you keep it! This month we look at ways to store those precious aircraft images.

Luftwaffe scramble!
The Germans are coming! Well, getting ready, at least, as Geoff Lee sits in on preparations for a practice security alert.

Frankly Farley
Former test pilot John Farley gives us his politically incorrect view of the last several decades in British aviation.

Cold War-Tech War
In the concluding part to our look at the research of Canadian Randall Whitcomb, revelations about Canada's demise as a leading aviation nation.

Air Shows
Our intrepid correspondents brave the vagaries of summer weather to report from Tannkosh, Weston-Super-Mare and Culdrose

Science Museum
In the second of our Great British Museums series, we look at the aeronautical collection at the south Kensington Science Museum and find treasures.

In a year of anniversaries for all manner of aviation achievements, Concorde is remembered - 40 years on from its first flight!

Those magnificent flying machines
An idyllic day at Old Warden brings us stunning images of a nostalgic flying display captured through Brian Maidment's camera lens.

Kits and collectables
A link with the past, old kits that may well be quite rare and have real value but probably not in money!

Airfix at 60!
Remembering where it all began in earnest as we help Airfix celebrate 60 years of producing the world's favourite kits.