Aviation News - September 2009

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World News
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and leases
Airliner deliveries
NATO Notes by Peter Foster
US Military by Bob Archer
ATC news by David Smith
Off the Shelf: Flying models
Your Questions Answered
Major Airlines of the USA: PT 1-by Maurice Wickstead
Simulation games
Archaeology by David Smith
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid

RAF show day
Waddington puts on a display of which the world's oldest independent air force can be proud!

Douglas DC-6
In the eighth of our series on Classic Airliners, we take a look at a stalwart of the post-war commercial scene that did much to open up passenger flying for everyone.

Who needs the RAF?
The editor takes a critical look at whether this country needs to spend money on three armed services and asks `what have we got out of the RAF?

UK Defence budget woes
Criticism of Britain's defence budget, stretched by overseas commitments is threatening to ignite pre-electioneering campaigns for more money.

Frankly Farley NEW!
In the first of a new series, renowned former test pilot John Farley offers observations on life in aviation, flying and the corporate world.

Flying model aircraft - how to get involved
In our Spotlight series we explain how to get involved in a sport regularly practised by more than 40,000 people in Britain.

Air shows
It's that time of year! Our intrepid reporters review some of the UK's biggest air events during July at Waddington, London City, Fairford and Biggin Hill.

Fleet Air Arm Museum NEW!
First in a new series on Great British Air Museums, we start at Yeovilton, in this the 100th anniversary of British naval aviation.

Leonardo da Vinci and his flying machines
COMPETITION. Win a day at The Lightbox gallery in Woking where, for the first time in the UK, a major exhibition of inventive designs from the renaissance master are on display.

Duxford goes to war!
A new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum - Duxford highlighting the run-up to conflict, 70 years after the start of World War Two.

Bleriot left-overs!
Rod Simpson took his camera to Damyns Hall near Thurrock where a flock of Frenchies alighted in commemoration of Louis Bleriot's historic flight 100 years ago.

Cold War - tech War
Revelations on just who was responsible for the demise of the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow point a finger close to the Canadian homeland, with a link to the UK!

When Bleriot changed Britain
One hundred years ago, an intrepid Frenchman performed a single 38min act that changed Britain forever. Why?

An Alaskan birthday!
Fred Seggie visits Palmer Municipal Airport, Alaska, and finds a strange mix of fixed and rotary wing has-beens sitting out in retirement.

100 years of naval aviation
Yeovilton celebrates a century of Navy flying with a display cut short by British summer weather!