Aviation News - August 2009

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International News
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and leases
Airliner deliveries
NATO Notes by Peter Foster
US Military by Bob Archer
ATC news by David Smith
Aviation History - Archaeology by David Smith
Major Airlines of the USA: Delta Air Lines Pt 2 - by Maurice Wickstead
Off the Shelf: Plastic kits
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid
Aviation History - Preservation
Your Questions Answered
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson

A flagship force
The Royal Navy is getting ready to return to the ocean waves with the Joint Combat Aircraft and we anticipate that day in a stunning graphic.

The editorial team reports from Le Bourget with mixed reactions from an industry on the brink of crisis but good news stories in unexpected places.

Douglas DC-4
Seventh in the Classic Airliners series, this month we examine a World War 2 leftover that made its name in the commercial world.

Hellenic hover: Part 2
Ian Harding, Chris Lofting and Richard Gennis visit the new rotary wing combat force in Greece and report on prospects for the Apache.

A feat of great endeavour
Stunning photos from the camera lens of Philip Makanna revealing extraordinary workmanship in a replica FE2b down-under.

Air show reports
Mark Pritchard visited Sleap airfield on a dry bank holiday, Adrian Balch caught Austers at Middle Wallop and discovered helicopters at Kemble, Simon Murdoch found wing-walkers at Southend and Des Brennon stayed north of the border for the Perth show.

Supporting Forces
Barry Wheeler reflects on the vital role played by some of the RAF's lesser-known types such as the Pembroke, the Prince, the Dominie and the Expeditor.

Aviation Art 2009
The Guild of Aviation Artists present their short list of candidates for a plethora of prizes, entries on display in July at the Mall Galleries, London.

On the anniversary of Apollo II
The Editor looks back to the days when test pilots became astronauts and started a commercial bonanza, some of which has been brought back to the shops for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.

Cameras in focus
This month we report on the Nikon D60 and trial it around the Paris Air Show, providing a review for aircraft photographers on a delightful consumer camera.

Florida Props
Keith Burton found relics from a former age under Florida skies and provides an eclectic sampling of what he discovered.