Aviation News - April 2009

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International News
ATC news by David Smith
Commercial news by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and Leases
Airliner Deliveries
Military News - by Bob Archer and Peter Foster
Your Questions Answered
Airports International - A series looking at airports in the UK and Abroad
This Month: Atlanta
Major Airlines of the USA: Continental Airlines - by Maurice Wickstead
Hi Tech File
Book Reviews
Aviation History - Archaeology by David Smith
Aviation History - Preservation
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson
Register Review by Stuart McDiarmid

An Iconic Buy!
A new type of aircraft is about to take wing and bring luxury living to anyone with a cheque-book big enough, an ultimate toy for the air-minded rich!

BAA the final precipice?
The Editor takes a hard look at the questionable future of an airport operator owned by a debt-ridden infrastructure group that seems to have forgotten that aviation is just a service industry.

Regional Resilience in focus
Barry Wheeler reviews the fortunes of a surprisingly optimistic BAE Asset Management team with strong prospects in turbulent times.

US Designations pt3
In Part 3 of this continuing series, a review of the seemingly complex subject of US air force serial numbers, block numbers and designations over the years of expansion 1941-1947.

Exercise Deployed Falcon 2
Joris van Boven visits the Belgian airfield of Beauvechian to find a front-line force working up to a Nato inspection and re-certification with F-16s.

Combat competitors at Aero India
The biennial Asiatic air show just outside Bangalore is always a showcase for international aircraft and this year was no exception, as Rod Simpson reports.

Aviation in Canada
The First World War gave Canadians their first experience in aerial warfare and forged an industry and a service to outlast that conflict.

The Vickers Vanguard
Third in the series on Classic Airliners, the Vickers Vanguard proved an adaptable workhorse for both passengers and freight.

Supporting forces - Pioneering utilities
Barry Wheeler continues his series looking at the Scottish Aviation Pioneer and Twin Pioneer and their brief but significant history with the RAF.

Kawasaki T-4
The Kawasaki T-4 has proved a stalwart trainer for Japan's defence forces and still has life and future prospects, as Guy Martin discovered.