Aviation News - February 2009

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International News
Commercial News by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and Leases
Airliner deliveries
Military News - by Bob Archer and Peter Foster
ATC news by David Smith
Hi Tech File
Your Questions Answered
Airports International - A series looking at airports in the UK and abroad. This month Vancouver pt 2
Major Airlines of the USA: Capital Airlines - by Maurice Wickstead
Aviation History - Archaeology by David Smith
Aviation History - Preservation
Book Reviews
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid

Syerston surprises
One of the new RAF Beechcraft `works out' at this northern airfield.

Web Shop
With an expanding list of products, Aviation News displays a range to suit every reader whatever the interest, civil or military, and some general nostalgia as well.

The Bristol Britannia
In the first of our new series on Classic Airliners we take a look at Britain's long-range turboprop that came just too late to find the market justified by its performance.

US Military Designations Part 1
In a new series describing US military nomenclature over the last 90 years, we begin with the early sequences between 1919 and 1924 that set the standard for today's system.

Tactical success: The swift Story Part 2
G C Sweet concludes his two-part story of the development of the Supermarine Swift, disregarded as a fighter but effective in tactical reconnaissance.

High flight: High ambitions - Eight-page SPECIAL!
The Editor reports on a decade-long effort, using the worlds fastest winged vehicle, to lift and assemble a giant space station to earth orbit.

Soesterburg shutdown
Joris van Boven reports on another lost air base with the closure of historic Soesterburg in the Netherlands.

Clive Bennett dropped in on RAF Shawbury to find out what lurks in the drab hangars and discovered very little to do with the helicopters it is associated with.

Aviation in Canada: The pioneering decades
A new series looking at the history of aviation in Canada inspired by a new book by Larry Milberry of Canav Books.

Wasp and Scout: An all-British success
On the bi-centenary of the birth of the Scout and its naval equivalent, the Wasp, we examine the origins and the fate of Britain's last all-British helicopter design.