Aviation News - August 2008

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International News
Commercial News by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and Leases by Michael Stroud
Airliner deliveries
Military News - by Bob Archer and Peter Foster
ATC News by David Smith
Airports International - A series looking at airports in the UK and abroad. This month: Zurich Pt 2
Aviation History - Archaeology by David Smith
Airshow Listing
Your Questions Answered
Airlines of the USA since 1914 part 19 - by Maurice Wickstead
Aviation History - Preservation
Book Reviews
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson

Treated like Royalty!
Peter Foster takes to the air and joins the Queen's Birthday Flypast to get a very special view of a very particular day.

Airshow reports
Biggin Hill, Kemble, Pratica di Mare are highlighted on this months feature.

Russian revelations
The Editor takes a close-up look at the changing strategy for Russia's revitalised Air Force and examines upgrade plans for the bomber force.

Electric lite
We examine an astounding possibility that aircraft might be built to stay in the air for up to five years but is it really possible?

Typhoons in the Tyrol
Ian Harding reports on the introduction of the Typhoon into Austrian air defence operations, but there is a sting in the tail!

High stakes as India seeks new fighters
A view from inside Russia as India widens its options for upgrades and new aircraft to support an expanding defence requirement.

The American Connection 1957-60
Barry Wheeler concludes his look at US Air Forces Europe in the late 1950s, highlighting a period of expansion as missiles and push-button warfare dominate the deterrent.

Aviation paintings 2008
As the Guild of Aviation Artists gets ready to open its annual exhibition in London we take a look at some of the more interesting subjects that caught our eye.

London airport - 3
In the final part of our history of Heathrow we preview the shape of London airport to come with the imminent building of Heathrow East.