Aviation News - March 2008

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International News
Commercial News by Keith Crowden
Airports by Keith Crowden
Orders and Leases by Michael Stroud
Airliner Deliveries
ATC News by David Smith
Your Questions Answered
Military News - by Bob Archer and Peter Foster
Airports International - A series looking at airports in the UK and abroad. This Month: London City
Airlines of the USA since 1914 part 14 - by Maurice Wickstead
Aviation History - Preservation
Aviation History - Archaeology by David Smith
Book Reviews
Register review by Stuart McDiarmid
Airport movements by Adrian Thompson

America's super-bomber
In a fast-track to operational service, plans for a new US bomber dubbed B-3 are examined by the editor in an exclusive look at a successor to the current generation.

Magnetic Propulsion
A boost for turbojets, or yet another pipedream? A critical look at magnetic propulsion and what it can do in the race for speed as engineers research new ways of increasing engine output.

Aerion - Supersonic dawn?
If current plans reach fruition the fast-track to a Concorde successor just might be a new supersonic business jet, designed in the US but with global ambitions. We take a look at its prospects.

Lockheed 12 fly-in
Geoff Jones reports on an intimate little rendezvous with nostalgia involving three Lockheed airliners from a bygone age.

Heritage sites catchup
An update review of the endangered and the surviving heritage sites in the UK with a particular emphasis on threats to airfields.

Britain's secret bombers - contenders
In the final instalment of his review of V-force origins, Tony Buttler reviews the once-secret contenders for contracts to build a post-war, nuclear capable bomber force.