Airfix Model World - December 2016

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Exclusive Build – Castle in the Sky
Alan Price reckons Airfix’s all-new 1/72 B-17G is leaps and bounds better than its same-scale rivals. Here, he builds an exclusive test-shot.

Out and About – Wildcats and a Vixen
Glenn Sands reports on this year’s air day at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset.

Your Airfix – Red Flag Buccaneer
A real classic, Airfix’s 1/48 Buccaneer, receives extra detail and a cool colour scheme from Richard Spreckley.

Out and About – St Ives Stormer
Assistant Editor Stu Fone gives highlights from this year’s IPMS Brampton show.

Intermediate Build – Cranked Arrow
Brian Wakeman gets the most out of Kinetic’s 1/48 Lockheed F-16XL experimental jet.

Out and About – Prague Perfection
Editor Chris Clifford samples the delights of this year’s Eday show in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Intermediate Build – Captured Colossus
Swedish modeller Mikael Terfors finishes Takom’s 1/35 Mk.IV Female tank in fine style...and reflects on how it fairs against Tamiya’s Mk.IV.

Out and About – East Anglian Armour
Dave Oliver finds mother lode of full-sized reference material at the Norfolk Tank Museum.

Intermediate Build – Swedish Scholars
Italeri’s re-boxing of Occidental’s 1/48 Harvard is built by Mark Stanton; it’s AMW’s closing project in this year’s series to mark 90 years of the Swedish Air Force.

In Focus – Scandinavian Yank
A brief history of the North American Harvard in Swedish service is provided by Jan P Forsgren.

Exclusive Build – Balkans Blitz
Airfix pleased Luftwaffe fans last year with its 1/72 Stuka, but now it’s about to release a 1/48 version. Alan Price builds an exclusive test-shot...and says you won’t be disappointed!

Out and About – Fresh Fields
A new venue was used for this year’s Wings and Things model show, organised by IPMS Fenland and Spalding. Stu Fone finds out more.

Advanced Build – Deutsche Klassisch
Dr James Whalen re-visits Revell’s 1/24 VW Golf and converts this kit into a 1983 model, with after-market help.

Photo Focus – Golf in Close-Up
Walk-round images of VW Golf DJF 937Y are offered by Dr James Whalen; it’s the actual car he depicted with this issue’s Revell build!

Basic Build – Russian Beast
Paul Cawte finds there’s much to enjoy with Meng Model’s 1/35 GAZ Tiger off-roader.


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