Aeroplane Monthly - August 2013

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I recently commented that I was looking forward to seeing the Eagle Squadron team fl ying, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The four aircraft made their debut in style, rounding off the Duxford Spring Air Show on May 26th in formation with the Red Arrows. The day after, which was a Bank Holiday Monday, the Eagle Squadon formed up with B-17 Sally B to fly over a number of locations with American connections, including Madingley (see pages 26-28). Visitors to IWM Duxford on that day were treated to the sight of the aircraft departing and arriving back, which was quite a bonus especially if they’d missed the air show! As you’ll note from this month’s cover and the article beginning on page 50, the Cambridge Flying Group (CFG) celebrated its 60th anniversary this year. I went to Cambridge to sample the delights of the de Havilland Tiger Moth, a type that has a long history at the site from where the CFG’s two examples fl y from. The last time I had fl own from Cambridge it was in a Chipmunk with the Air Training Corps back in the early 1980s, so it was quite a reminiscent visit for me too. Among its offerings the CFG can provide ab initio training on the Tiger Moth, something very unusual for the would-be pilot. However, the Group also offers conversion training for qualified pilots and an “introductory lesson” for those who would like to sample a flight in this classic trainer (to make a booking call 01763 264262). As well as instructors, the CFG has a large number of members. It is a thriving community of people who all like the Tiger Moth, and I do hope those of you who didn’t previously know about the Group enjoy learning about its impressive activities.