Aeroplane Icons - Spitfire

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The battle of britian's iconic interceptor.


Birth of a Legend
The beginnings of the Spitfire story, Supermarine's background, and the Schenider Trophy racers.

Into the Air
The first flights of the Spitfire prototypes and photographic exploration of the RAF's first Spitfire variants, leading to the Spitfire Mk.V.

Trials and Tribulations
The Spitfire enters Royal AirForce service combined with photographic coverage of the Spitfire's development up to the Spitfire MK.IX.

Fighting Talk 
After entering RAF service the Spitfire continues to be developed and its performance and capabilities continue to improve.

Big Griffons
The end of the Spitfire story, looking at the final Griffon-powered dervatives, the photographoc and duel-control variants, together with the Spiteful and the Seafang that followed the Spitfire.