AIR International - April 2005

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A320 Family - Europe's Successful Contender
Launched on March 2, 1984, the Airbus A320 and its derivatives have proved worthy competitors to Boeing's 737s, which they are now outselling. René J Francillon takes a look at Europe's leading design.

RAF Jaguars - The final chapter begins
On the eve of the SEPECAT Jaguar's retirement from service with 16 (Reserve) and 54 Squadrons, RAF, Jon Lake reviews the squadrons' association with the type. .

Heathrow Prepares for the A380
Heathrow is exactly the type of large hub airport the Airbus A380 was designed for. Dino Carrara reports on the major redevelopment work taking place to enable the UK's premier gateway to handle the new double-decker airliner. .

Antonov An-140 - Ukraine's 21st Century Turboprop
Alexander Mladenov charts the development of what is being regarded as one of the few commercially successful civil aircraft programmes of the post-Soviet era. .

RAF Special Operations Hercules
Jon Lake details the work of the Special Forces Flight of 47 Squadron and looks at the modifications made to its Hercules. .

Regional Airports - Balancing the Numbers
Passenger traffic in Europe and the United States is starting to recover from a slump caused by the 2001 terrorist attacks, SARS, the Iraqi conflict and an economic downturn. Eryl Crump describes how four diverse airports are coping with the various requirements. .

Born-Again Warthog
The upgraded United States Air Force Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II undertook its first flight in January 2005. Richard Gardner reports on the work which will give the 'Warthog' the capabilities to keep it in service for another 25 years. .

All-Seeing Eyes-in-the-Sky
Electro-optic turrets are essential equipment for many military aircraft these days. Michael J Gething details the various uses and range of sensors available. .

Flying For Life - Mission Aviation Fellowship
The Mission Aviation Fellowship provides an airborne lifeline for many people in some of the world's poorest countries. Emma Stewart explains the history and current work of this organisation, whose aircraft regularly save lives. .

From Fleet Defence to Joint Strike
On March 31, 2005, the Royal Navy Sea Harrier training unit - 899 Squadron - was disbanded. David Hobbs looks at the achievements of the RN Fighter School and at what will succeed it. .

04 Dave Allport reports on the first flight of the Boeing 777-200LR, Steve Fossett's record-breaking round-the-world flight and new job losses in the RAF. .

Military, commercial and aerospace industry news from around the world by Dave Allport. .

Dino Carrara travels to Sao José dos Campos in Brazil for the delivery of the 900th ERJ to Luxair.

Chronological list compiled by Dave Allport. .
Reviews of some recent books received.