AirForces Monthly - September 2019

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Restructuring Norway’s air defences
While introduction of the F-35A represents the most important element in the modernisation of Norway’s air arm, changes within airborne surveillance, search and rescue and other rotary components are helping to redefine its future shape and capability, as Ian Harding and Kevin Wills discover.

Solenzara Stingers
Earlier this summer, 1 Squadron ‘Stingers’ of the Belgian Air Component departed their home base of Florennes for a two-week deployment to Solenzara on the French island of Corsica. Joe Campion joined them.

Staccato Pursuit
RAF F-35Bs and USAF F-35As joined Italian Air Force F-35As for joint drills at Amendola air base, and David Cenciotti flew with them.

Pilatus professionals at Zadar
Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink flew with the Croatian Air Force’s Fixed-Wing Squadron at Zadar-Zemunik to report on its wide variety of tasks and the challenges it is currently facing.

C4ISR at sea
The 41° Stormo of the Italian Air Force at Sigonella has introduced to service a true force-multiplier. As Dino Marcellino finds out, the multi-role P-72A is suitable not only for maritime patrol duty, but also offers powerful C4ISR capabilities in a variety of scenarios.

207 back in the UK
The UK’s latest Lockheed Martin F-35B unit returned to RAF Marham on July 16. No 207 Squadron is the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) and Jamie Hunter was there for the arrival.


AFM’s opinion on the hot topics in military aviation

Indian Flankers in France
The Garuda series of exercises involving the French and Indian Air Forces is held every three to four years, alternating between both countries. Joris van Boven and Alex van Noye attended the recent iteration at Mont-de-Marsan.


EXERCISE REPORT: Dark Blade 2019
Dark Blade 2019 was the 13th Blade exercise organised by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the first in the Czech Republic.

INTEL REPORT: UK’s bright new ISTAR future
Alan Warnes compares the recent RAF intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) orders with those from the rest of Europe before looking at special-mission highlights from the Paris Air Show.

EXERCISE REPORT: Anatolian Eagle 2019
One of Europe’s largest air exercises took place in June after a two-year hiatus. Anatolian Eagle 2019 involved participation from Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Qatar, the US and NATO.

EXERCISE REPORT: Anatolian Phoenix 2019
Ahead of this year’s Anatolian Eagle, Konya air base in southern Turkey played host to another exercise, dedicated to combat search and rescue.

EXERCISE REPORT: Diamond Storm 2019
Phil Buckley and Mike O’Neill attended the Royal Australian Air Force’s Exercise Diamond Storm held in the Northern Territory.

COMMANDER’S UPDATE BRIEFING: The art of avoiding detection
Self-defence in aerial combat has been transformed by stealth aircraft – but is it the panacea that it was once considered?

Book reviews
AFM evaluates some of the latest offerings in aviation literature.

SURVEY: Su-25 operators - Rest of the world
Our series profiling Su-25 operators around the world concludes with two of the Frogfoot’s more exotic customers: Peru and North Korea.

FORCE REPORT: Republic of Korea Navy - Part two
Mrityunjoy Mazumdar and Tetsuya Kakitani conclude their review of the naval aviation force of the Republic of Korea Navy.

AFM’s letters page.

Dave Allport details the world’s most recent military accidents.

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