AirForces Monthly - Oct 2018

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AFM’s opinion on the hot topics in military aviation.

Competing with the best
The French academy for test pilots, the École du Personnel Navigant d’Essais et de Réception continues to develop in a fast-paced world. Frédéric Lert profiles this fascinating unit.

Always the first
In the year in which it celebrates a half-century of existence and 35 years of operating the M-18 Dromader, Dirk Jan de Ridder visits the firefighting specialists of the Hellenic Air Force’s 359 MAEDY.

Esprit de Corps
It may be a reserve squadron flying ‘legacy’ aircraft, but Dallas-based VMFA-112 is an exemplary US Marine Corps fighter unit and is ready to go to war at a moment’s notice. Frank Visser visits the squadron and sees how it maintains its fighting spirit.

Dutch helo training: the next level
The cream of rotary-wing pilots and loadmasters are taken to their limits during the prestigious weapons instructor training courses held by the Dutch Defence Helicopter Command. Ludo Mennes and Frank Visser report on this year’s exercise at Gilze-Rijen while Sven van Roij looks back on five years of RNLAF service for the CH-47F.

Jordan modernises
AFM was granted an exclusive opportunity to interview Royal Jordanian Air Force commander Maj Gen Yousef A Al-Hnaity to discuss recent changes and the future of the air arm. Marco Dijkshoorn reports.

Eye of the storm
This year, the Syrian Air Defence Force has been on the receiving end of attacks from Israeli, US, British and French strike aircraft and cruise missiles. Tim Ripley examines the deadly duels in the skies over Syria.

Finland forges ahead
Derek Bower evaluates the Finnish aerospace industry as the nation’s air force celebrates its centenary while preparing to replace its Hornets.

Wildcat shows its mettle
Thomas Newdick visited Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton to speak to Army Air Corps Wildcat AH1 crews, recently returned from a successful debut deployment to Estonia.

Typhoon tribute
Jamie Hunter joined the RAF Typhoon Force as it provided a centrepiece to the incredible centenary celebration flypast.


INTEL REPORT: Fulcrum faces the future
Alan Warnes reviews NATO’s existing MiG-29 fleets as the iconic Cold War fighter edges towards obsolescence. He also talks to Lockheed Martin and Saab about Slovakia’s decision to replace its Fulcrums with the F-16V and not the Gripen.

FORCE REPORT: Defending Formosa Part two
AFM completes its analysis of the Republic of China Air Force, with Marco Muntz and Wiebe Karsten turning their attention to its transport and liaison, search and rescue, and training assets along with its prospects for the future.

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EXERCISE REPORT: Pitch Black 2018
Widely credited as the Royal Australian Air Force’s most important exercise, the biennial Pitch Black was this year its largest and most complex to date. Roy Choo visits the ‘Top End’ to find out more.

Air Power Association President, Air Marshal (ret’d) Greg Bagwell CB CBE, describes the fundamentals of the modern air superiority mission, which can trace its roots back to the battle for control of the skies during World War One.

Book reviews
AFM evaluates some of the latest offerings in aviation literature, including titles on the EMB-312 Tucano and Italian F-104.

Dave Allport details the world’s most recent military accidents and examines the recent report into last November’s loss of a US Air Force T-38C at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.

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