AirForces Monthly - Feb 2018

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EXERCISE REPORT: Joint Stars 2017
Air force, army and navy assets from across Italy were engaged in Joint Stars, the country’s largest national joint exercise of 2017. Giovanni Colla and Remo Guidi investigate.

INTEL REPORT: 2018 – the rebirth of UK maritime air power
With the first new carrier working up, F-35Bs preparing to come home and Merlins being modified, 2018 is set to be a busy year for the UK’s maritime air power capabilities, as Alan Warnes explains.

SURVEY: European maritime patrol aircraft Part 3
AFM’s correspondents continue their round-up of the maritime patrol aircraft fleets of Europe’s NATO and Partnership for Peace members. This month, the focus turns to the Armed Forces of Malta, the Netherlands Coastguard and the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Formed in 1968 with the motto ‘Vigilance’, the Australian Army Aviation Corps currently numbers over 120 helicopters spread across three operational aviation regiments and a training organisation, as Nigel Pittaway explains.

FLASHPOINT: Malian Air Force modernisation
Arnaud Delalande examines the slow but steady build-up of the Malian Air Force, a West African air arm that has overcome great odds to tackle both Tuareg rebels and al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Dave Allport lists the world’s most recent military accidents, including a previously unreported loss of an MQ-1B Predator.

Air Power Association President, Air Marshal (Ret’d) Greg Bagwell CB, CBE recounts the evolution of long-range strike weapons, which play an increasingly important role in modern air forces.

AFM evaluates some of the latest offerings in aviation literature.

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AFM’s opinion on the hot topics in military aviation.

Taiwan’s maritime patrol changeover
Roy Choo and Peter Ho detail the withdrawal of the Taiwanese Tracker as the P-3 Orion is declared ready for duty.

Pushing the limits
Jeroen van Veenendaal catches up with the Belgian Air Component’s F-16 demonstration team and finds out what it takes to be a ‘Viper’ showman.

Farewell from Bavaria
Lufttransportgeschwader 61 was disbanded at the end of 2017. Florian Friz visited the unit’s Landsberg/Lech base during its final weeks.

Misawa’s Wild Weasels
Thomas Newdick interviews Colonel R Scott Jobe, the commander of the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and learns how the wing’s two F-16 squadrons prepare for their demanding mission in the turbulent Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

A force facing the future
The Qatar Emiri Air Force presented a glimpse of its growing ambitions during celebrations marking the Gulf country’s national day. Alexander Golz reports from Doha.

Russia’s tenacious trainer
Alexander Mladenov reviews the current state of the Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten jet trainer as it becomes established in Russian service and gathers momentum on the export stage.

Turkey’s eye in the sky
Onur Kurç and Tayfun Yaşar look at the Turkish Air Force’s Boeing 737 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, which has overcome early problems to patrol NATO airspace at home and abroad.

Britain’s unmanned ambition
Tim Ripley describes the Royal Air Force Protector project that will take the UK remotely piloted air system capability forward.