AirForces Monthly - Aug, 2017

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AFM’s opinion on the hot topics in military aviation.

Desert Falcons on duty
Belgium’s Operation Desert Falcon F-16 detachment recently had its mission in the Middle East extended, as Benoît Denet reports.

Hampered Pampa
Three decades since it was conceived, the IA-63 Pampa has endured faltering progress through sweeping changes in Argentina’s political climate. Remarkably, not only does it remain in production, but new developments are also under way, as Santiago Rivas reports.

P-8: The right choice for the UK?
While some see acquisition of the P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft as a win for the RAF, others argue that it’s too costly and the nine on order too few. Justin Bronk and Jon Lake argue the respective cases.

Atlantic Tiger
Bob Archer and Lindsay Peacock report from the NATO Tiger Meet at Landivisiau in Brittany, on France’s Atlantic coast.

Schooling Italy’s rotary aviators
Erik Bruijns and Mark de Greeuw profile 72º Stormo, Italy’s military helicopter training unit.

BALTOPS bombers
For the first time, Europe played host to all three of the Air Force Global Strike Command’s strategic bombers simultaneously this June. Thomas Newdick reports from RAF Fairford.

Protect and survive
Protecting aircrews in the battlespace is a top priority. Sophisticated electronic warfare systems or old-fashioned chaff and flares play an important part in modern aerial warfare, as Alan Warnes discovers.

Regular features

EXERCISE REPORT: Cleared hot in Hungary
This year the European Defence Agency (EDA) organised another helicopter exercise for contributing member states. Kees Otten and Wim Das witnessed the action.

INTEL REPORT: Swapping ‘old paper maps’ for ISR
The Pakistan Air Force has been highly effective against terrorists in Pakistan’s FATA region and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets have been at the forefront of its combat operations, as Alan Warnes explains.

FORCE REPORT: Macedonian Air Force at 25
The air arm of one of the youngest republics in southeast Europe marked its 25th anniversary in June. Macedonian Air Force commander Col Robert Malezanski spoke exclusively to Sven van Roij.

EXERCISE REPORT: Fifth-gen in the Midwest
Once a year, Volk Field Air National Guard Base in Wisconsin springs to life and becomes home to the aircraft participating in Exercise Northern Lightning, as Ivan Voukadinov reports.

Since its inception in 2013 the Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE) has grown to become one of the largest military exercises in Europe, as Fredrik Edvardsen discovers.

AFM’s letters page.

Dave Allport details the world’s most recent military accidents.

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