AirForces Monthly - May 2017

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AFM’s opinion on the hot topics in military aviation.

Enduring Baz
Forty years after first landing in Israel, the F-15 Eagle, or Baz, is still regarded as the Israeli Air Force’s premier air superiority fighter. Yissachar Ruas provides the details.

Best in breed
Alexander Mladenov assesses the Su-35, the ultimate single-seat, multi-role Flanker derivative.

Seek and Destroy
No 41 (Reserve) Test and Evaluation Squadron at RAF Coningsby is responsible for ensuring the Royal Air Force gets the very best out of its Tornados and Typhoons. AFM’s Alan Warnes meets the team at ‘41’.

Enter the dragon
One of the leading names in the rise of contract ‘Red Air’ support is Draken International. Joe Copalman examines the company’s work.

‘Hogs’ of war
AFM editor Thomas Newdick talks to the 124th Fighter Wing, Idaho Air National Guard, about its recent combat deployment under Operation Inherent Resolve.

Tiger Finale
Peter Lewis investigates the shake-up facing Switzerland’s long-serving fleet of F-5 Tiger IIs.

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The Pakistan Navy hosts the multi-national naval exercise Aman 2017 in the North Arabian Ocean.

INTEL REPORT: In the shadows
AFM’s Alan Warnes reports from the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX).

EXERCISE REPORT: ‘Triple Nickel’ at Souda
The USAFE’s 555th Fighter Squadron deployed to Souda Bay, Crete, on exercise with the Hellenic Air Force. Vangelis Antonakis was there.

FORCE REPORT: Brazilian Air Force
Sérgio Santana reviews the significant restructuring of the Brazilian Air Force.

SURVEY: European gunships – part 3
AFM correspondents continue their review of Europe’s helicopter gunships – in this third instalment they cover Romania, Spain and Turkey.

AFM’s letters page, plus an exclusive chance to win your copy of the book Swiss Tiger: Parallel Flight.

Dave Allport details the world’s most recent military accidents.