AirForces Monthly - September 2016

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Leading the Pack
Britain’s first F-35B Lightning IIs will arrive on its shores within two years. Alan Warnes talks to the personnel playing a part in this exciting, although at times controversial, programme. AFM contributors provide an overview of European nations that will be operating the fifth-generation fighter.

Return of the
Escadrille – French Air Force Restructures Sebastien Buyck discusses the changes to l’Armée de l’Air organisation and a return to the traditional escadre formation.

Unsung Hero
Joe Copalman reviews US Marine Corps RQ-7B operations as the versatile UAV continues to prove its worth over the battlefield.

Erik Bruijns and Mark de Greeuw relate all the action from the 2016 edition of the biannual Atlas exercise, involving the Moroccan and Spanish air forces.

Avengers Arise
Joe Copalman caught up with VMFA-211, the first US Marine Corps F-35 squadron to transition from the Harrier.

Nothing but the Best
The Turkish Air Force is producing NATO-standard pilots to meet its own requirements and graduating international students from the Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Center. Marcel Bos and Melchior Timmers report.

Cem Doğut reports on a Turkishrun international combat search-and-rescue exercise.

Andrey Zinchuk and Alexander Mladenov observe this year’s Russia-only edition of the traditional gunnery competition involving all the major Russian Air and Space Force branches.

Future-proofed Flanker
Vladimir Trendafilovski scrutinises Ukraine’s modest Su-27 upgrade programme.

Hawg Heaven!
The A-10 is due to remain in service until at least 2022. With Hawg spirit running free after the type’s Congressional reprise, 13 Warthog squadrons gathered at Davis-Monthan for Hawgsmoke 2016. Joe Copalman was there to watch the old warriors in action.

FORCE REPORT: Russia’s Southern Military District
Alexander Mladenov examines a territorial joint forces command on the front line of rising tensions with the West in the Black Sea region.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK and abroad.

AFM’s view on military aviation.