AirForces Monthly - July 2016

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Voyagers in Full Swing
The RAF’s Voyager Force has now been flying for four years. Alan Warnes recently visited RAF Brize Norton, where AirTanker is based, to find out how industry is providing an airborne refuelling service.

Persian Providers
Iran’s Hercules fleet is undergoing a much-needed overhaul and upgrade programme, as Babak Taghvaee explains.

Russian Roulette
Alexander Mladenov examines the Black Air Sea Policing mission in NATO-controlled airspace that is maintained by the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish air arms.

Waging Peace
Joe Copalman watches how Marine aviators prepare for humanitarian missions at MCAS Yuma, Arizona during WTI 2-16.

Air Superiority and Beyond
David Cenciotti visited Grosseto to fly in the Eurofighter Typhoon during a complex air-to-air training mission with the Italian Air Force’s 4º Stormo.

Stephan van Geem, Patrick Smitshoek and Remco Stalenhoef report from Andravida on the Hellenic Air Force’s increasingly international Exercise Iniohos.

FORCE REPORT Russian Naval Aviation
Alexander Mladenov looks at Russian Naval Aviation’s recent gradual increase in antisubmarine warfare, maritime patrol and SAR capability.

EXCLUSIVE India’s Sea Harriers Sign Off
Sanjay Simha reports on the end of worldwide Sea Harrier operations following the withdrawal of the type by the Indian Navy after 33 years of service.

Tiger Meet 2016
Kees Otten, Wim Das and Koos Heemskerk headed to northern Spain for the 2016 NATO Tiger Meet at Zaragoza Air Base.

SURVEY European Fighter Fleets 2016 – Part Three
The final part of our European Fighter Survey, compiled by Alan Warnes and assisted by AFM correspondents covers Romania to the UK.

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AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK and abroad.

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