AirForces Monthly - March 2016

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Disaster Relief: UK Helicopter Response
Tim Ripley looks at how military and civilian helicopters are used in disaster relief and emergency operations in Britain.

Back to the Future
In 2016, EH 1/44 ‘Solenzara’ based in Corsica will trade in its last two Super Pumas for Pumas. This signals the end of the Super Puma’s SAR career with the Armée de l’Air, as Frédéric Lert reports.

Destination Daesh
Lon Nordeen examines the weapons deployed in two current conflicts: the American-led Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Russia’s military intervention in Syria.

Uruguay’s Dragonflies
Cessna’s veteran A-37B Dragonfly is Uruguay’s primary combat aircraft after almost 40 years in service. Budget restrictions mean it will continue to defend the country’s airspace for the foreseeable future, as Santiago Rivas explains.

Prowler Sundown
Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press report from MCAS Cherry Point on the last units to fly the EA-6B Prowler.

US Show of Force
The US Department of Defense sent some interesting aircraft to this year’s biennial Bahrain International Air Show. Several were taking a break from Operation Inherent Resolve missions against Daesh, as Alan Warnes reports.

Tornados over New Mexico
Arnaud Boxman and Kees van der Mark visit Holloman AFB New Mexico, the home of German Air Force Tornado aircrew training.

Armada Argos
The Spanish Navy trains its future helicopter pilots on a small fleet of extensively upgraded Hughes H369s, as Patrick Roegies, Paul Gross and Hans Looijmans explain.

EXERCISE REPORT: Trilateral Exercise Initiative
France, the UK and the USA brought their premier fighters to Langley AFB for a rare opportunity to test interoperability between fourth and fifth generation combat aircraft. Frédéric Lert was there to witness the event.

The Terrorist Hunters
The survivors of Libya’s once large MiG-21 fleet are engaged in combat on multiple fronts against various enemies in the country’s bitter and complex civil war, as Babak Taghvaee reports.

Between September and November, the Republic of Singapore Air Force took to the skies Down Under for Exercise Wallaby 2015. Chen Chuanren visited Queensland to find out more.

FORCE REPORT: Polish Naval Aviation
Marcin Przeworski looks as the parlous state of the Polish Naval Aviation Brigade, which functions through a small fleet of largely obsolete helicopters fixed-wing patrol aircraft.

The Iron State
Ofer Zidon provides an overview of Israel’s sophisticated array of anti-missile defences.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK and abroad.

AFM’s view on military aviation operations.

All the world’s military aviation news, by region.