AirForces Monthly - February 2016

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Securing the Skies
Incursions by Russian military aircraft into UK-controlled airspace over the North Atlantic are once again a regular occurrence. The RAF responds by launching Typhoon fighter to intercept them. Tim Ripley explains how it all works.

Operation Okra
The Royal Australian Air Force has been engaged in Operation Okra, its contribution to the fight against Daesh in Iraq, since October 2014, as Nigel Pittaway reports.

USAF Tactical Aviation
Tom Kaminski examines the US Air Force tactical airpower, which today relies on precision-guided munitions employed by a reduced fleet of fast jet and RPA platforms.

The View from Above
Alexander Mladenov sheds light on the Russian military leadership attitudes to the air campaign in Syria.

Crimson Eagle 2015 Joe Copalman reports on Army Air Corps conversion-to-type training in the desert of Arizona and California.

Leading the Field
Jon Lake examines how Saudi Arabia has rapidly advanced with the operational capabilities of its Eurofighter Typhoons.

Discreetly Direct
The French Air Force's ET60 moves senior government officials and high-ranking military officers around the world. Its Dassualt Falcons also fly medevac and special support missions, as Jean- Marc Tanguy reports.

Royal Jordanian Air Force Royal Jordanian Air Force commander Major General Mansour S Aljobour discusses with Marco Dijkshoorn and Patrick Roegies his latest acquisitions and the ongoing fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK and abroad.

AFM’s view on current military aviation matters. .

All the world’s military aviation news, by region.