AirForces Monthly - September 2015

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A Special Breed
Gert Kromhout visits Mildenhall’s 352nd Special Operations Wing to see how the unit operates with its new CV-22B Ospreys and MC-130Js.

RIAT Report
Aircraft from around the world arrived at RAF Fairford in July for the Royal International Air Tattoo. AFM’s Glenn Sands went airside to review the show.

Europe’s Fading Fulcrums
Alexander Mladenov looks at the declining MiG-29 inventory within Europe.

Helicopter crews and airborne troops learn how to work together in a multinational environment in Italy. Kees Otten and Wim Das witnessed the action.

Revolutionary Fitters
Twenty-four years after 40 Iraqi Su-22 fighter-bombers flew to Iran; the IRGCASF has begun returning them to service. Babak Taghvaee details the latest plans for the Fitter fleet.

RAF loses last Merlins
Alan Warnes attended the ceremony at RAF Benson on July 9 to mark the last RAF Merlins being transferred to the Royal Navy.

Lemoore prepares for Lightning Strike
Patrick Roegies, Paul Gross and Hans Looijmans review plans for the future of NAS Lemoore, California, currently the US Navy’s West Coast F/A-18 base, but preparing for the F-35C Lightning II.

AAC Lynx Retirement
After an operational service of more than 30 years, on July 31 the Army Air Corps finally said farewell to the Lynx Mk 7. AFM’s Glenn Sands witnessed the moving occasion.

Return of the Falcons
Belgium’s Operation Desert Falcon F-16 detachment to Jordan has returned after more than 700 missions over Iraq. Joe Schoofs watched the jets arrive home.

Ukraine Naval Aviation Evicted from its bases on the Crimea by Russian forces, Ukraine’s only naval aviation unit has since returned more aircraft to the air and expanded its training. Vladimir Trendafilovski reports.

Securing the G7 Summit
Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press review the aerial security and transport arrangements, for June’s G7 summit in Germany.

PZL M28 Skytruck As the PZL M28 approaches its 25th anniversary, Guy Martin examines the history of the adaptable light transport.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Airshow Report – RNAS Yeovilton
As Westland celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, the 2015 International Air Day at RNAS Yeovilton was going to be something special. AFM’s Glenn Sands reports.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK.