AirForces Monthly - April 2015

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Apaches in Herrick
The war in Afghanistan was a baptism of fire for the British Army’s Apache AH1 attack helicopters. Tim Ripley examines the role of the Attack Helicopter Force during Operation Herrick.

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: JSF Programmes Overview Part II
In the second part of AFM’s Aircraft Profile on the JSF, Alan Warnes and Dave Allport detail current F-35 Lightning II operating bases and their allocated units.

Mark Rourke and Marc Newitt travelled to the holiday island of Gran Canaria to record the Spanish Air Force’s annual two weeks of flying dissimilar air-to-air combat training.

FORCE REPORT: Republic of China Air Force
Gert Kromhout and Stephan de Bruijn recently visited Taiwan to bring AFM up-todate on what’s happening in the Republic of China Air Force.

FAC A-29 Super Tucano
The Colombian Air Force has been waging a war against the outlawed FARC for several decades. Joe Copalman explains how the A-29 Super Tucano is now at the forefront of the action.

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: Fairchild Aircraft C-26 Metroliner
Tom Kaminski provides an update on the status of the C-26 Metroliner within the US Armed Forces.

Dutch Wildcats in Atalanta
Stephan de Bruijn/ looks back at the Dutch Helicopter Command’s historic deployment of two AS 532 Cougars.

Darts over Europe
Kees van der Mark looks back on the era of target-towing operations by Flight Systems, which included 13 years of A-4N Skyhawk sorties in the skies over Germany.

Carrier Air Wing Five: Part II As the US Navy’s sole forwarddeployed carrier air wing, CVW-5 takes pride in being at the ‘tip of the spear’. Tony Holmes looks at its Vietnam and Gulf War operations.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.