AirForces Monthly - Februay 2015

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Desert Duellers
Joe Copalman visits MCAS Yuma to gain an insight into the operations of the US Marine Corps’ only aggressor squadron.

German Marineflieger The German Marineflieger has faced years of severe cost-cutting measures, Dirk Jan de Ridder and Menso van Westrhenen reveal how it continues to operate old aircraft adapted to face new challenges.

Operation Herrick Tornados
Tim Ripley looks back at five years of RAF Tornado GR4 operations over Afghanistan.

EXERCISE REPORT Noble Arrow 2014
Joris van Boven and Jan Kraak report on Exercise Noble Arrow 2014, which formed part of the qualifications for the air component that will lead the NATO Response Force during 2015.

Snapshots from Taura
Bob Sutherland visits Taura Air Base, home of the Ecuadorian Air Force fast cats.

Ian Frain of aviation consultancy company Helian provides a profile of the Puma helicopter, which is celebrating 50 years since its maiden flight.

Guardians of BuMusa
Iran’s small fleet of ten Su-25s, the backbone of its air assault force, have been involved in wars against terrorist militias in southeast Iran and PKK insurgents in the northwest. Babak Taghvaee sheds light on the Frogfoot in IRGCAF’s service.

Thailand’s Viking Thunder
Nigel Pittaway reports on the first operational deployment of Royal Thai Air Force Gripens, to Darwin, Australia.

United States Coast Guard - HC-27J
Tom Kaminski reviews the US Coast Guard’s acquisition of 14 former US Air Force C-27J Spartans for maritime patrol operations.

UN Air Support over Haiti
Erwan de Cherisey examines the role of United Nations’ helicopters in the struggle to maintain peace in Haiti, one of the world’s most violent trouble spots

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Fixing Mali’s Mess
AFM reviews the little-known European Union Training Mission (EUTM) in Mali which has three civilian-registered helicopters at its disposal.

Nice Picture
A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet is refuelled in late 2014 over Iraq by a USAF KC-135 assigned to the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron.