AirForces Monthly - December 2014

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Chilean AF F-16C/Ds
Santiago Rivas flew in a Chilean Air Force KC-135E and witnessed the tanker refuelling a formation of F-16C/Ds high over the Andes.

HU-25 Guardian Retirement
The United States Coast Guard’s HU-25 Guardian – a life-saver for  32 years – has been retired from active service. Tom Kaminski was there to experience the momentous occasion.

Striking Back at ISIL
As more nations join the fight against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, Alan Warnes provides an update on current operations.

RAF Voyager
AFM’s Glenn Sands visited RAF Brize Norton to see how AirTanker Services and the RAF are working together on the Voyager fleet with impressive results.

Baltic Air Policing (BAP)
Tieme Festner, a visitor to Lithuania for 20 years, puts the Baltic Air Policing (BAP) in the spotlight as it operates out of Šiaulial Air Base.

International SAR Meet 2014
Kees van der Mark reports from Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands on the international search-and-rescue (SAR) meet hosted by the soon-to-be disbanded 303 (SAR) Squadron.

Iranian Mirages
Twenty-five Iraqi Air Force Mirage F1s flew to Iran as the first Gulf War reached its climax, but commanders of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force took a further 17 years to order the aircraft back to front-line service. Babak Taghvaee unravels the protracted story of the F1s in Iranian hands.

Exercise Report – Serpentex 2014
Jan Kraak details changes to the French Air Force’s annual close air support exercise in South West France.

JASDF at 60
A mass formation of more than 100  aircraft and helicopters took to the skies above Hyakuri Air Base to mark the 60th anniversary of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force. Martin Fenner saw the spectacle from the ground.

Force Report Royal Thai Army Aviation
Following Thailand’s military coup in May 2013, Royal Thai Army Aviation is being modernised to reverse years of stagnation, as Analayo Korsakul finds out.

Pakistan F-16 Upgrade
Alan Warnes reports on how the Pakistan Air Force is making its F-16 fleet 24 hour day/ night capable with the help of Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Aircraft Profile C-5 Galaxy
The C-5 Galaxy, known as Fat Albert in its hey-day, has supported five decades of intercontinental airlift. As Bob Archer explains, it has not been easy, but upgrades and modernisation will provide a new lease of life for the jet.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.