AirForces Monthly - October 2014

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Mission Rehearsal Exercise – RAF Marham
In the first of a two-part feature, AFM’s Glenn Sands describes how RAF Marham’s 31 ‘Goldstars’ Squadron is preparing for the last Tornado Force deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Indonesia’s Revival
Revitalising Indonesia’s aerospace industry after the 1997 Asian financial collapse has been a struggle, but as Alan Warnes discovered during a visit to Baddung, the future is looking brighter.

Chinese Attack Helicopters
In a world where sanctions, vetoes, clones and copies play a big part, China’s attack helicopters are finally emerging from the shadows as Jakub Fojtik explains.

Russian Aviation Expansion
Dr Dave Sloggett considers how Russian military aviation is increasingly showing signs of behaviour reminiscent of the Cold War.

Oman’s Jaguars
As the Jaguar is retired in Oman, Peter R Foster takes a brief look at the aircraft’s history in the kingdom.

Neil Dundridge examines one of the largest annual air and maritime exercises in the Pacific region, focusing on how the Canadian Forces dealt with threats from above and below the waves.

FORCE REPORT USAF Air Mobility Command
Bob Archer describes the operational fleet of the USAF’s Air Mobility Command – a force that’s ‘making do’ with transports both old and new in a challenging unfamiliar world.

Afghanistan’s C-27A Fleet
Alan Warnes investigates why after only five years of service the Afghan Air Force C-27A fleet is being scrapped.

736 NAS Royal Navy
Lewis Gaylard reports on how Royal Navy Hawks are an aggressor force to be reckoned within the skies of the UK.

Ofer Zidon examines the remarkable career of Israel’s first battlefield attack helicopter, the AH-1 Tzefa, and how it shaped Israeli Air Force tactics.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Just a Nice Pic
A Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18F Super Hornet formates with a Mirage 2000-9 from the United Arab Emirates Air Force during Exercise Pitch Black 2014.