AirForces Monthly - September 2014

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Super Hornet
Boeing’s F/A-18 has been in service more than quarter of a century. David C Isby says its operators expect modernised versions to be active for at least another 25 years.

Exercise Report – Lightning Viper
Roy Choo reports on an air exercise that put RAAF Super Hornets through their paces to fight an advanced adversary.

Spanish Army Drones over Afghanistan
Erwan de Cherisey was embedded with Spanish forces in Afghanistan and spent some time with the operators of the country’s unmanned aircraft fleet.

Exercise Report – Anatolian Eagle
Chris Lofting joined a horde of global aviation enthusiasts at this year’s international Exercise Anatolian Eagle at Konya in Turkey.

RIAT 2014
Many aircraft could lay claim to be the stars of the RIAT, but for AFM it was the Polish Air Force Sukhoi Display Team’s Su-22 Fitters. Alan Warnes talked to the team.

Russian Air Force MiG-29s
The Russian Air Force has been flying the MiG-29 Fulcrum since 1983 but, as Alexander Mladenov reports, the type still has many years of service left.

It’s not often a new combat jet takes to the skies. Guy Martin investigates Textron AirLand’s remarkable Scorpion.

Exercise Report – Maple Flag
Dean Sorochan reports from Canadian Forces base (CFB) Cold Lake where last-minute cancellations and changes resulted in an army-focused Maple Flag exercise over the plains of Alberta, Canada.

Force Report – Turkish Army Aviation
Arda Mevlutoglu explains why Turkey maintains one of NATO’s largest standing armies – and how its aviation assets are deployed.

British Helicopter Modernisation
Alan Warnes looks at the current status of the UK’s helicopter modernisation programmes.

Mexican Naval Aviation
Erwan de Cherisey investigates Mexican Naval Aviation efforts to restructure and buy new aircraft.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Just a Nice Pic
The ‘Cad West’ in West Wales has long been a low-level training area for the RAF’s fast jets. ‘Rebel 87’, a Tornado GR4 from 41 (Reserve) Squadron, flew there in July.