AirForces Monthly - August 2014

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Dzirhan Mahadzir files from Butterworth AFB on Cope Taufan, which marked the F-22A Raptor’s first appearance in Malaysia.

American Bombers to Britain
AFM’s Jerry Gunner visited RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire as USAF B-2As and B-52Hs deployed in June.

Warthogs Return
AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the return of the A-10C to Europe for the first time in 12 months.

Eyes in the Sky – MPAs of Asia Pacific
As tensions increase in the seas of South East Asia Alan Warnes explains what the region’s air forces have in terms of MPAs.

Alpine Rescue Hueys
Mathias Grägel reviews how Germany’s ‘flying angels’ Hueys have rescued climbers and hikers in the Alps for over 40 years.

Mare Nostrum
The Italian Air Force 41° Stromo is in the front line of Europe’s effort to control the flow of illegal immigrants across the Mediterranean. Dino Marcellino visited the wing at its Sicilian base.

Farewell to the ‘Fléchette’
Gert Kromhout and Stephan de Bruijn were at Mont-de-Marsan in southwest France for the disbandment of the last French Air Force operator of the Mirage F1.

Storm Front
The F-16I Sufa (Storm) has conducted countless strikes since coming into service with the Israeli Air Force a decade ago. Ofer Zidon explains the operational use of this combat-proven warrior.

KADEX 2014
The third Kazakhstan Defence Expo (KADEX 2014) was held at Astana International Airport in late May. Chris Knott, Kieron Pilbeam and Robbie Shaw were there for AFM.

Minhas Air Base
Alan Warnes recently visited Pakistan Air Force Base Minhas.

Thracian Star 2014 MiGs, Sukhois and F-16s from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and the US fight it out. Rachel Morris reports. John Dibbs provides exclusive images.

United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence Steve Rush describes how the oil-rich nation of the United Arab Emirates continues to buy the very best the world has to offer for its air force.

An anti-terrorism demonstration held over the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv saw Hinds, Hips and Cougars operating at roof-top height hunting terrorists.