AirForces Monthly - July 2014

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Here comes the Joint Strike Fighter
The star at this year’s Farnborough and RIAT will be the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Alan Warnes reviews the UK JSF story so far.

Netherlands & the F-35
AFM’s jerry Gunner spoke to the Dutch ‘Mister F-35’, Colonel Gerbe Verhaff who outlines the Netherlands’ reasons for buying the F-35 and what it intends to do with it.

Lightning – The Right Choice for an Air Force
Military aviation industry experts assembled a list of questions concerning critical aircraft capabilities. Test pilots from Boeing, Dassault and Lockheed Martin were invited to answer them.

Swiss Precision
Pilatus has a history of producing versatile training aircraft and continues the tradition with the PC-21. AFM’s Jerry Gunner explains.

Pilatus PC-21
Dave Unwin flies Pilatus’ high-tech trainer, which could revolutionise how the next generation of fast-jet pilots are trained.

Iran’s National Army Day Parade
The Skies over Iran’s capital Tehran were filled with an impressive display of military might, including Phantoms, Tomcats and Fencers as the country celebrated.

Afghan Air Bridge
Bob Archer tells the story of the air bridge that sustained the American-led coalition during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Opinion - When the Tide Goes Out
John Longhurst, chairman of international defence conference organiser Tangent Link says it’s about time someone chose a maritime patrol aircraft for the UK.

Twenty-two years and Still Going Strong
Vladimir Trendafilovski explains how the Croatian Air Force has upgraded its fighter force with MiG-21s that are over a quarter of a century old.

Greek VIP Flight
The Hellenic Air Force has been busy taking the country’s leaders to meetings about maintaining stability in the region. Kyriakos ‘Kirk’ Paloulian looks at the history and development of Greece’s VIP flight.

FORCE REPORT: Uruguayan Naval Aviation
Santiago Rivas explains how one of the smallest air arms in South America protects the nation’s coast line.

FORCE REPORT: Royal Moroccan Air Force
Alan Warnes describes the recent evolution of the Royal Moroccan Air Force and how it is gradually becoming the best in North Africa.

Lewis Gaylard went to northern Norway with the UK’s Joint Helicopter Command’s Exercise Clockwork 14.

Ukraine’s Tank Busters
Vladimir Trendafilovski reports on the clashes between pro-Russian militia forces and Ukrainian government troops, and how Ukraine’s forces are relying on Su-25 ground attack aircraft.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Just a Nice Pic
The three types currently based at Royal Australian Air Force Base Pearce, Western Australia, perform a flypast over the nearby town.