AirForces Monthly - June 2014

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All the world’s military aviation news, by region.
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AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s military accidents.

Joris van Boven visited Nancy-Ochey in eastern France to report on this year’s Exercise Green Shield which included Saudi Arabian F-15s.

Indonesia’s T-50s on Show
AFM reports on the recent ceremony to mark the arrival of the latest aircraft to join the Indonesian Air Force.

Planning Protection
Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press explain the air operation that protected the world’s leaders in The Netherlands at the latest Nuclear Security Summit.

Warton’s Typhoons
It has been 20 years since the Eurofighter Typhoon flew from BAE Warton. Alan Warnes looks at the aircraft’s development and its future.

Final Snap
Chris Lofting reports from Montde- Marsan, near Bordeaux on the Recce Meet that marked the swansong of the Mirage F1CRs.

A Very Special Force
Manolito Jaarsma considers the role of Germany’s Special Air Mission Wing, tasked with sorties involving refuelling fast jets, transporting troops and providing VIP flights.

The Blacksmiths of Airpower
Robert F Dorr explains how the 12th Operations Group is meeting the USAF’s need for a new generation of pilots. Photographs by Jim ‘Hazy’ Haseltine.

EXERCISE REPORT: Joint Warrior 14-1
Jim Winchester ventured north in early April to report on the first of this year’s two JOINT WARRIOR exercises.

Fast jets, tankers, AWACS jammers and UAVs participated in this year’s exercise. AFM’s Jerry Gunner was in The Netherlands to watch the action unfold.

Field of Dreams
Alan Warnes reports from Pakistan’s Army Aviation School at Rahwali, one of the busiest but least well-known airfields in Pakistan.

Fledging Brazilian Navy Pilots
Santiago Rivas investigates how the Brazilian Navy manages to prepare its future helicopter pilots.

Air Wolves in Action
Arjan den Hertog explains the history and operational use of Portugal’s evolving Orion fleet.

The Republic of Macedonia, one of the former republics of Yugoslavia, has been an independent state since 1991. Mike Bursell, Phil Adkin and Ade Hairsine report on a nation preparing to join NATO.

New French Test Jet
Frédéric Lert explains the role of the French procurement agency’s new Fokker 100. 94-96 Debrief Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Just a Nice Pic
A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18A Hornet shows off its new 2014 airshow display colours.