AirForces Monthly - January 2014

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Unsung Fat Albert
AFM reviews the recent retirement of the RAF’s veteran Lockheed C-130K Hercules after 47 years’ sterling service.

Wildcat – the British Army’s New Claws
Lewis Gaylard visits the Army Air Corps’ 652 (Wildcat Fielding) Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset to see how this brand new helicopter is shaping up.

Russia’s Helicopter Revolution
Jakub Fojtík details how Russia offers one of the strongest line-ups in the military marketplace.

Gary Wetzel finds out how F-16 pilots get to be airborne forward air controllers.

International Rescue
AFM reports on the international efforts to bring aid to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan struck in early November.

Eye in the Brazilian Sky
Sérgio Santana examines the origins, capabilities and roles of the Brazilian Air Force’s Embraer R-99, one of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world.

Aircraft profile: Embraer Super Tucano – Light Attack in Combat
David C Isby profiles Brazil’s ‘trainer with added bite’.

Pride of Mexico
Mariano Garcia reviews how Mexico’s transport fleet has changed over the past ten years.

South Atlantic Patroller
Juan Carlos Cicalesi assesses the career of the Lockheed P-3B Orion in Argentine Navy Aviation Command.

Guardians of the Persian Gulf
Babak Taghvaee details the P-3 Orions of Iran, which patrol the Arabian Sea.

Knights of Persia
Sukhoi’s Su-24 Fencer remains a key part of Iran’s air power, as Babak Taghvaee describes.


Deployments and Contracts


Force report: Italian Air Force – With valour to the stars
Marco Rossi details today’s Italian Air Force, one facing budget cuts and an ever expanding role.

Exercise report: Wallaby 2013
Roy RX/Jet Thrust Aviation Images reports from Australia as the Singapore Armed Forces conducted its largest exercise of the year.

Exercise report: Max Thunder 13-2 - Beyond Thunderdome
A biannual Red Flag-style joint training programme held by the Republic of Korea (ROK) - Martin Fenner was there.

Exercise Report: Seuil- d’Argonne
A French Army Aviation regiment on its home turf.

Postcard from... Dubai
All the best action from the Dubai Airshow’s flying programme.

And Finally… Flygirlpainter!
Shayne Meder has been painting military aircraft for 14 years. Alan Kenny travelled to March Air Reserve Base to meet her.