AirForces Monthly - December 2013

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These are the Voyagers of an RAF Enterprise

The bulk of the force’s aerial tanking is now being taken on by the new Airbus Military A330 Voyager. AFM spoke to Air Commodore Dave Lee, Air Mobility Force Commander, on the state of play.

Keeping Buddha flying
On a training sortie with the RAF’s 99 Squadron, Dr Dave Sloggett was given a first-hand insight into how the skills of its C-17 pilots are maintained.

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: NH90 – Europe’s New Helicopter
AFM's 28-page guide to this controversial new helicopter.

NH90 – A New Concept
Alan Warnes looks at the development of the NH90 helicopter.

Netherlands – Pioneering with the NFH
The Dutch Defence Helicopter Command is a trailblazer among users of the NH90 - Kees van der Mark reports.

Flat-pack NH90s in Finland
Derek Bower reports on Finland’s association with the NH90 and visits the assembly line at Patria, Halli.

France – Mediterranean Caïmans
The French Navy is introducing the NH90. Carlo Kuit and Paul Kievit/Bronco Aviation visited its southern lair near Toulon.

Italy – Combat proven
Luca La Cavera details the Italian Army’s experience of the NH90 in Afghanistan.

New Zealand – Huey replacement
Gordon Arthur visited the NH90 community in New Zealand and discovered that the air force is generally pleased with its new helicopter.

NH90 – The Other Users
AFM covers the remaining customers of the NH90.

Task Group ‘Black Cats’
Martin Scharenborg & Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press fly with the Italian Air Force over Afghanistan.

Multi-role Air Wing
The Italian Air Force’s 14° Stormo (14th Wing) undertakes air-to-air refuelling, flight inspection and transport missions with its KC-767A and P-180 Avanti aircraft – Francesco Militello Mirto finds out more.

Interview: Littoral Magic
In an AFM exclusive, the commanding officer of the US Navy Pacific Fleet’s first composite manned/unmanned rotary unit, HSM-35, talks to Georg Mader.


Is the Lockheed Martin F-35A right for the Netherlands?

The US Air Force and its sequestration battles go on.

Deployments and Contracts


Force report: Philippine Air Force
Gordon Arthur explains how the Philippine Air Force is living up to its promise of “putting more force in the air”.

Deployment Report: Austrian Typhoons Spread Their Wings
Georg Mader details the latest news for Austria’s Eurofighter fleet.

Exercise report: Cougar 13
Lewis Gaylard describes the Royal Navy’s recent major deployment.

Correspondence from our readers.

Exercise report: RARO 2013
Jens Schymura and Timm Ziegenthaler file from Námešt’ nad Oslavou in the Czech Republic.

Exercise Report: Zapad 2013
Andrey Zinchuk and Alexander Mladenov detail the large Russian- Belorussian combined-arms exercise.

Exercise report: CJPRSC 2013
The 2013 edition of the Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardisation Course (CJPRSC) was held at Cazaux air base – Jan Kraak was there for AFM.

COVER FEATURE: Exercise Report:
Capable Eagle AFM files from RAF Leeming on a Franco-British training fortnight.

Ops Board
All the events and airshows of the coming months.

Postcard from... South Korea
The Republic of Korea held its 65th Armed Forces Day flypast – AFM was there.

And Finally…
An RAF Merlin pilot - AFM’s bravest reader?